Kings and Legends

Kings & Legends is a card game that takes a mind just as powerful as your deck to come out on top.
Strategy games are becoming ever more popular these days, so it comes as no surprise that Kings & Legends has become such a major hit game. This game places strategy in multiple areas, so it doesnt all matter on your positioning on the battlefield, but the way youve built your town and structured your deck could alter the course of a battle. In this strategy game, you use cards to summon creatures, traps, and powerful spells to try and decimate your opponent. Not only do you get a deck to play with, but you get a main hero that will fight for you as well. Many of the heros perks will be unlocked through your town; that means you have to build a town that supports your hero in order for him to play at optimal performance. You can trade cards with other players in the game just like you could with a real life trading card game. The difference is the fact that you arent shoveling out money to pay for these cards, as they are obtained by playing the game. There are different rarities that can make your deck better and will be good trading bait to obtain other cards you may want from other players online. There are several lanes that you can place your units when you summon them. They will only be able to fight things that are adjacent to them, which makes the game even more strategic. It isnt just about having the strongest creature out there, but you have to line it up right so that it can smash through the weak spot in your opponents defenses. You can choose to play through the campaign of the game, or you can have some friends help you take out some of the major bosses in the game. Boss battles are long and exciting and will often take multiple players to come out successfully. Build up your deck and strengthen your hero by building a supportive town that will lead you to victory. Once you hit the battlefield, line up your creatures strategically to leave your opponent scrambling. When victory is secured, celebrate by buying more cards and upgrades!