League of Angels 2

Dare to step into the new world of League of Angels II, and discover this 3D MMORPG
Join forces with one of the Three Kindoms of Angels, and combat against evil and darkness. More then sixty Angels and Heroes to choose from and fight side by side to conquer back peace and prosperity. Angels Aphrodites - loveliness and sweetness makes everyone love her, while bringing happiness and romance to those arround her. Aphrodite is tender and thoughtful Alecta - the executioner of the Angel race, whose only purpose is to punish those committing crimes, and torture their body and soul. Alecta is on an everlasting search for the Dark Lord. Heroes Odin – also know as ‘’The Right Hand’’ – he used to be the Kings general, because of his everlasting faithfulness and unbreakable willpower. He now runs an indestructible defense block that gave him the name ‘’Heart of Mountain’’ Orc – one of the few not corrupted by the Plague Queen. Nevertheless, his childhood was still full of disaster. After his parents died, he was treated as an outlaw. An unknown tribe took the young Orc in, and in order to protect the ones he loves, he took a dark path and soon he became the most coldblooded assassin. And many more…… Play now and discover a new world beyond your imagination!