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On the free online casino platform VeraVegas you can play a lot of slot machines for free.


VeraVegas is not an erotic actress or someone who jumps from one reality TV format to the next, but an online casino platform. But before you start thinking, "No thanks, I don't want to gamble my money away," hold on! On VeraVegas, you don't need any real money at all to play numerous virtual slot machines and, ideally, win plenty of chips. The offer can be used completely free of charge.


A colorful selection of games


The selection of slot machines on VeraVegas is really impressive. Many well-known slot machines such as Book of Ra and Lucky 7 are included, but there are also various examples that you probably haven't heard of yet. Most of the games are available right after your registration, but some you have to unlock first.


VeraVegas offers high long-term motivation


VeraVegas offers a leveling system, as you know it from many online games, especially MMOs. For every game you play, you receive experience points. This way, you'll gradually rise in rank and unlock various things, including some slot machines. In addition, VeraVegas offers many missions that you have to complete in order to get boxes with random rewards. On top of that, you'll also collect cards that you can use to fill up several albums, which should also motivate you to keep playing.


This is how you get free chips at VeraVegas


To play on the slot machines, you will need chips. But you don't have to buy them. On the one hand, you will receive a huge starting capital after you have registered at VeraVegas. In addition, you get other free chips for daily logins, inviting friends, linking your account to a social network or watching commercials to the end.