Explore a dynamic world and fight for survival in this free-to-play MMORPG.
In this game you have a chance to learn and be an expert. Its divided into 3 levels, normal for beginners and safe players, hard level for the very determined players and the ultimate level for the ultimate challenge. You can fit comfortably at any level so desire to be in and be a hero. Thats not all; Shaiya game has some unique and intriguing features that you need to learn to make this game more exciting than the name suggests. Getting up the hierarchy is nothing to be taken for granted, by choosing the most duplicitous and dangerous paths through this game, you will be heavily rewarded. You can also join a guild and together you can attack the enemy together. This will give you a chance to show case your expertise too. Weapons are very essential and a must have in any combat. In shaiya game you can choose the weapons that will give you the ultimate protection and a sure kill for your enemies. Remember with the murder of an enemy you get the blessing of the goddess, this will earn you extra points getting you ahead of the rest. You can get the weapons from shaiya auction house and sample some of the best weapons in store. Heroes always have a grand entrance wherever they are. Don't be different in this game for you can ride prestigiously in what you desire from the special unicorns, giant basilisk or even a two-headed dragon, how cool is that!