Plan and build a historic metropolis in the beautiful Babylon!
What is Grepolis?

Grepolis is a strategy game in the style of comparable building simulations like Civilization or the Settlers. Resources have to be collected, buildings constructed, and later expanded. Alliances must also be formed and sufficient troop contingents must be provided with arms to battle against hostile players. With the help of resources such as wood, stone and silver, as well as the necessary portion of divine favor which you can get in quarries, silver mines and of course temples, you will expand your rather primitive settlements in Grepolis and transform them into pompous, densely populated metropolises, whose splendor need not hide from legendary Babylon.

Tips and Tricks

Every beginning will be difficult. To make it easier, here are some useful tips. You should pay attention to three areas.

First tip: defense is everything. In Grepolis, you should start out with a defensive style of play to protect yourself from enemy attacks as quickly as possible. Building up a good defense is essential. To this end, building a city wall and producing defensive units such as archers and swordsmen are the priority. These can be trained in the barracks. Alliances should also be formed quickly, as they not only offer the player the opportunity to trade with each other but also to improve the defense.

Second tip: Grepolis offers various types of buildings in abundance. For example, building a warehouse not only makes sense because it allows you to store raw materials, but also offers a hiding place for precious goods.

Third tip: If you would like to have buildings built or extended in Grepolis, the Senate is available. With a higher extension level, it shortens the construction time of all buildings. Spies are produced in the cave, which can be used to spy on enemy cities. If you want to increase the cultural value of your city, it is recommended to build a theatre. In the academy, the cleverest minds in Greece come together to do research. This allows you as a player to produce new unit types such as slingers, hoplites, chariots, and horsemen.

Fourth tip: If you want to unleash mythical special units on your enemies, you cannot neglect the worship of a god in a temple. The motto is very simple: Without sufficient divine favor, no divine support. If you want to become ruler of the Hellenic world, you should also think about building up a naval force sooner or later. This is where the port comes into play and equips you with transport ships. With an improved research level and a higher expansion level of the port, faster transport ships, colonial ships, lightships, biremes, burners, and triremes will be added later. Since the colonial ships are especially important to take over other cities, research in this sector should not be delayed too long.  

Fifth tip: Resources are life. Settled around cities, Grepolis has numerous farming villages, which can bring the player many resources. When harvesting, however, you need to be very careful, as too rigorous a procedure will lower the approval value in the farming village and if the value is too low, there will be a real threat of revolt.  

Sixth tip: Another way to find useful things is to visit ghost towns. The world of Grepolis is a hostile place. Numerous attempts to found cities have been made and many have failed. Numerous ghost towns bear witness to these efforts and can be used by the player to farm, i.e. search areas for treasures. Care should be taken here, however, as ghost towns often lead to enemy contacts.