Hustle Castle

Become the master of a real medieval castle!

Build a magnificent castle!

Hustle Castle makes you the lord of a medieval castle - which does not mean that the game is set in the Middle Ages. It is set in a fantasy world wherein you will need to deal with orcs, demons, dragons, and other creatures that do not exist in the real world. A story campaign introduces you to all the game mechanics, with Hustle Castle definitely having a lot to offer. The title does not lack depth.

Many rooms, much to do

The building game is quite reminiscent of Fallout Shelter. The question of Why? becomes clear when you first look at a screenshot: Just like in Bethesda's post-apocalypse game, you will not be building in 3D here, but in 2D and look into the interior of your castle from the side. You will build a large number of different rooms, each of which serves a different purpose. With a forge, for example, you will be able to create weapons and armor, which is very important. Since there are many dangers outside your walls, and sometimes your luxurious home gets attacked. Then you will need brave warriors to defend your fortress and without proper equipment they will not succeed.

Every castle needs inhabitants

Speaking of warriors, your subjects play a crucial role in Hustle Castle. Without them, nothing works. Everyone is an individual character whose abilities keep improving and whom you will need to equip individually. There is even a barter system, through which you can get new characters and get rid of the ones you no longer need. Not only can you trade subordinates with other players, but you can also fight against them. Their castles are just waiting for you to raid them - for sure!