Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 is a real strategy game that consists of castle management and war in a medieval world.
The concept of the game is relatively simple, each player starts on a huge map with a small kingdom to start off with. The kingdom itself consists of a small castle surrounded by outer walls that are wooden. With this small kingdom the player has the opportunity to build in and outside these walls with the intention of expanding his/her empire into a much larger, more technologically advanced kingdom. Inside the walls of the castle, the player has the opportunity to build structures that enable them to gather more resources, a barracks that they will use to train their troops, and other types of structures that allows them to either store or build something. The walls surrounding the kingdom itself serve as a protective barrier from other players and NPCs or Non-player characters, from raiding and ultimately destroying the players empire. As the technology of the kingdom increases, the more and more the players expand it, they can develop more powerful walls such as a stone wall vs the initial wooden walls that all players start off with. The gameplay itself requires a great deal of patience, because one mistake can lead to the destruction of the players kingdom. As such, in order for the player to be successful, they have to be strategic about their moves. Since the whole concept of the game is to expand your kingdom, while crushing any opposing forces, players have to be careful about the choices that they make. For example, if a player attempts to capture another players kingdom and raid it, but that opposing players turns out to be more powerful, this can ultimately lead to a counter attack from that opposing player who may raid that initial players kingdom and leave it in a state of chaos. Therefore, a large majority of the time that players will spend in this game is about capturing weaker kingdoms, building up their defenses, training more troops and expanding their kingdom, before they attempt to attack another more powerful players kingdom. Eventually though, as the player expands his/her kingdom, a clash will become inevitable because by defeating another player, they will have the opportunity to take over their land and pillage their resources. This gives the player an incentive to attack other human players vs a Non-player character (NPC), because the resources that you will receive from attacking a human player are plentiful in comparison to an NPC. Players also have the ability to utilize an espionage system that they can use to check the defenses of each opposing kingdom to get an idea of how powerful the opposing kingdom is, which allows the player to plan their attack pertaining to organizing ther troops accordingly. Another interesting aspect of the game is that you can build alliances with other players, so in the event that you kingdom gets attacked, you can call for the help of other players within your alliance.