Star Stable

Discover epic adventures in the breathtaking world of Jorvik!
Welcome to the wonderful Jorvik!

At the beginning, players create their virtual character and that of their horse according to their wishes. In Star Stable you are never alone, the horse follows the players everywhere. In addition, numerous other horse fans cavort in the breathtaking 3D world of Jorvik. It is important to take care of your horse as it wants not only to be cared for but trained well so that it will be prepared for future missions.

In Star Stable, players compete with others in exciting races and win great rewards in competitions if they are successful. As in any online role-playing game, players unlock more and more features, including new breeds of horses, as they progress. If you feel like getting new clothes or getting some snazzy gear for your horse, you can go shopping in Jorvik City. The in-game shops regularly offer new clothes and equipment.

Fantastic adventures await you in the dark woods, lush meadows, enchanted places - on the legendary island of Jorvik, players can experience lots of adventures together with their horse. There are always new orders from the NPCs, and each completed quest is naturally rewarded in equal amount. But that's not all. In the riding club, players can connect with like-minded people from around the world, chat with them and complete quests together.

Of course, it is also possible to simply explore the area on your own. With a Star Rider membership, players have access to the whole world of horse riding. Players can download Star Stable for free to try it out and start exploring the island of Jorvik. But if you want to use all the features, you have to become a Star Rider.