Stronghold Kingdoms

Build a stronghold and lead your people to glory!
In Stronghold Kingdoms you encounter numerous castles and other buildings, merchants as well as lowland farmers. Build your own settlements among them at strategic locations or conquer other villages to expand your power as quickly as possible! It is important where and how exactly you build your castle. At a river, for example, certain buildings are more profitable than in a swamp or in an area rich in salt. You'll take care of the economy of your castle and your settlements and raise a powerful army to defend your territories. You're also in charge of the supply of wood, food and stone. These materials are necessary in the online game, among other things, for the production of weapons. Great Britain during the Middle Ages In the medieval world of Stronghold Kingdoms you fight in European countries, battles take place in real time in Great Britain, for example. With over 700 researches in different areas such as economy or castle building, you can develop your land based on your own ideas. Build powerful structures and analyze the other players around you! Each stronghold has small weaknesses that you can use to your advantage when attacking. In Stronghold Kingdoms you announce your own castle lord, who will evolve and rise in rank as the game progresses. In this way, you'll grow from an unknown peasant to a successful nobleman. With effort and powerful troops under your command it is possible to become a governor or even a powerful king.