Khan Wars

Go medieval on your enemies in Khan Wars free-to-play strategy game!
Enter into the medieval world of Khan Wars and start your adventure. In a time of knights and emperors, take a piece of the Middle Ages for yourself, rule over your chosen civilization, and conquer other nations as a Khan of your own military forces. At the start of free-to-play strategy browser game Khan Wars, choose from one of 12 nations including Franks, Goths, Germans, Byzantines and more. Do you prefer a nation that excels in city infrastructure? Or would you rather have your infantry be trained by the best? Each nation has their own special skills and you’ll have to make the most strategic decision. With your castle as a home base, you’ll be in charge of basic resources to start building your nation from scratch and to keep your people fed, but it is up to you to do the rest: take care of your people, establish your settlements, hone your battle skills and create an army force for your campaigns. Strategy is key in this free-to-play game, and that may mean currying favor with other lords and banding together to seize more land. You can win powerful armies to help defend your land and show your enemies who’s boss. But remember, it is up to you to keep your nation running smoothly. If you focus only on war then your people will suffer at home, but neglecting your military duties means your people will be left defenseless. As you can see, there are many different strategies that you can make use of in this strategy game. Use your strengths and tactics to become the most powerful Khan in Khan Wars!