Rage War

Don’t Let Time Become Your Enemy: Become the Ruler of an Entire Nation in Free-to-Play Strategy Game Rage War!

Rage War is an exciting real-time strategy game that lets you fulfill your thirst for power without the confines of time and space. You are a time-traveler stuck in the past and in order to survive, you must try and expand your city into a sprawling metropolitan in Rage War’s expansive world. But a word of warning: you aren’t the only one hungry for power because in this free-to-play online game, you’ll be up against other players who have the same goal in bloodthirsty battles. Those who are worthy can instead become your allies and help your kingdom flourish.


Make sure you have your own nation under control and strengthened before you jump into battles headfirst. In free-to-play strategy game Rage War, you’ll want to first establish your settlements in your first nation before trying to conquer others. Powering up in fields like military, economics, and technology will guarantee more success and hope: if your kingdom flourishes, you have a chance to make it back to your own time. Gather resources in your city to upgrade your buildings, find and fix your broken time machine and rebuild it to your advantage, strategize with the one-of-a-kind army you form from strong fighters, and finally explore the science tree as eras pass in order to gain access to upgrades across the board.


Train your army and watch your city grow into a metropolis in free-to-play, strategy game Rage War, before heading off to distant lands on airships and conquer in the name of your kingdom! Discover countless wonders, battle vicious enemies, fight your way back to when you came from!