Total Battle

Forging alliances with other players is a good idea, but you must also amass a powerful army and train and equip them well.

Total Battle is a free to play, browser based epic strategy game set in a fantastic land and featuring resource management, a deep political system, instant deployment of troops, and much more. You enter the shoes of a ruler who has just been betrayed by their most trusted advisor; your family is dead, your city is in flames, and it is only by luck you have managed to survive. You and some of your closest warriors retake your castle and slay your betrayer, and that is where the story begins. You must rebuild your castle, your army, and your fortune, if you hope to return your kingdom to glory.

Rebuild Your Kingdom

Like any good MMORTS, resource management and city building are large parts of Total Battle. You must carefully plan out your city, placing defensive works as well as civil structures wisely, managing economic, social, and military needs. All of this costs money, however, and the traitors have plundered the treasury! Refill your coffers with gold at the first convenience, and take aims to ensure they stay full. Gold is the fuel that makes a kingdom work.

Forge An Army

You must also amass a powerful army and train and equip them well. A weak or poorly equipped and army is an invitation for enemies to attack you! Lead them into battles against your foes, eliminating rivals and earning glory – and gold. You can transport your army instantly, too; thanks to the portals researched by your mages, you never need to wait and watch, bored out of your wits, while your army marches towards a goal for what feels like hours. If you seek out the most skilled smiths in the land, and the rarest materials hidden deep in forgotten tombs, you just might be able to supply your troops and your captains with weapons the likes of which the world has never seen! Of course, you may need to wrest those materials from the claws of a greedy dragon…

Trust Your Captains

Your captains are a critical part of your kingdom. They are your closest advisers, your best soldiers, and your most powerful asset. Ayade the monster-slayer stands ready to take on the toughest monsters in the land at your request. Logos, the duelist, will eagerly seek out anyone in the land on your behalf, and face them in one on one combat. Many other captains await your orders, each with unique skills and strengths. Reward their loyalty and sacrifice, and they will stand by you to the end.

Alliances And Enemies Abound

Forging alliances with other players is a good idea; after all, you cannot fight everyone all the time. Relations with other players are actually vital to a long term plan. Fear not; if you like to fight, you’ll have plenty of opportunity! Face off against rivals in an array of tournaments, and if you do very well, you just might even win the throne. Never fear being backed into a corner by your opponents, however; even if it all goes bad, you can just start a new kingdom somewhere closer to allies or farther from particularly troublesome adversaries.