The free role-playing game Abardon is a very classic browser game in which you'll fight against numerous monsters.

Abardon is a typical fantasy world. It offers a variety of different regions, diverse races and, of course, what no role-playing game should be without: numerous monsters that you can kill to gain experience points and become stronger.

Just like before

Abardon is an RPG that runs entirely in the browser. And by that we don't mean that it's a game that looks like a downloadable title but isn't. It's a real oldschool browser game. All the while you're moving around a normal web page with some graphics. This is not for everyone these days, but it has its own charm.

What kind of hero do you want to be in Abardon?

Before your adventure in Abardon begins, you create your character. First of all, you determine which continent you come from. You can choose between Tarnos with its high mountains in the north and Vyndarn, the desert region in the south. Then you decide on a suitable race and off you go.

Training is important

There are many dangers lurking in Abardon. If you want to take on even the most powerful monsters, you'll have to train a lot. This is how you increase your various attributes such as strength, defense, accuracy and speed. While at the beginning you'll have your problems with poisonous rats and spiders, in the later stages of Abardon you'll have to contend with dragons and lizards that come straight from hell. The good thing is that before you attack an enemy, the game will show you how difficult it will be to defeat him. Thus, you won't accidentally run into fights in which you have no chance at all.

Get great treasures!

Being a hero is not worth it if there are no fancy rewards for your deeds. Sure, every defeated enemy in Abardon gives you experience points, but there are also valuable treasures. You'll find them in caves, where dangerous enemies lurk, of course. The money you capture can be exchanged for useful items in the store.