World of Warships

Captain your naval vessel as you battle for control of the sea!
World of Warships is an online client-based naval war strategy game.

You act as captain of an extensive naval fleet of historic war vessels. Ships like the Myoko, USS Montana, Zuiho, and the USS New York can be under your command. World of Warships includes four classes of ships: Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, and Aircraft carriers. Each of the different classes of ships have strengths and weaknesses that may determine a players victory or defeat in battle.

As players progress in the game, they will unlock tech modules that will enhance the effectiveness of their warships. World of Warships combines tactical shooting with large team battles. Players are able to party up with their friends, or join the general queue and the matchmaking system will pair you with other players of your current skill level. Players will compete in standard, encounter, and domination battles.

The standard mode uses random matchmaking to place 24 players into a 12 vs 12 battle between opposing bases (one for each team). 8 players can group together for co-op matchmaking instead of using the random matchmaking system. The objective in standard mode is to capture the enemy base, or destroy all enemy warships. In encounter mode, teams fight in a much faster-paced, intense battle for a single control point. Lastly, in domination mode there are 3 to 5 control points on the map that players must control or contest.

To claim victory, you must either accumulate the required number of victory points, or destroy all enemy warships. There are dozens of maps available which requires you to adjust your strategy depending on the map, game mode, and composition of your fleet. As you level up you will gain access to additional tiers of upgrades for your ship, adding an extra level of depth to gameplay strategy.