Conquer space in Xterium!

The endless space awaits you in this futuristic game for the web browser. As the person in charge of a base on an alien planet, your task in Xterium is to secure your place in history. You'll construct numerous buildings, research new technologies and set off on expeditions with your fleet.

Technological and military strength

With mines and power plants you'll secure your supply of resources such as metal, crystal and energy. This will enable you to build new ships like destroyers or battleships, because only with military strength can you secure your progress in Xterium. Therefore, constantly ensure the expansion and further development of your space fleet! From the orbit of your planet you control most of your activities. With a little patience and the right decisions you will soon be able to visit and colonize other systems and planets.

But even with additional planets, Xterium is far from over. A wasteland lures you with numerous missions, pirates and barbarians have to be conquered and you can also prove your skills in battles against other players.

Main features

- Numerous possibilities for development and research: Explore three skill trees (resource optimization, espionage technology, energy technology) and dozens of different ship types from light cruisers to the Death Star!

- Many different mission types: Fighting barbarians or pirates, arena battles, expeditions, exploring ruins, etc.

- Sign up senators for time to secure strong bonuses! To gain access to more senators, you need to complete a certain number of achievements. There are over 250 of these tasks in the game.