A brand-new NFT multiplayer game madness!

Who doesn’t love a block party? Blankos offers multiplayer shenanigans through a variety of multiplayer minigames all set in a vibrant world called The Junction. It is an open-world game filled with myriad community games such as shoot’em’ups, tag, and racing games. 

Blankos is a free-to-play party game with optional in-game purchases such as cosmetics, accessories, and of course the limited edition Blankos characters. But Blankos are no mere avatars, they are “fun and mischievous vinyl toys brought to life”. Moreover, these Blankos are NFTs - digital assets on the blockchain - meaning that they can be bought and sold for real life money (assuming there is demand).

Blankos is currently only available on PC, but additional platforms are likely in the future.

Fun and Arty NFTs

From a dog with attitude replete with “Pug Life” tattoos to a T-rex in a business suit with a bone sticking out of his jacket pocket, Blankos is all about wacky style and whimsical design. That’s why they’ve reached out to creators and creatives to help out. 

By partnering with artists and designers, they create limited edition Blankos releases. These limited edition Blanko NFTs can be enjoyed like the other Blankos or kept in their digital boxes, wherein just like real-life collectibles, they might increase in value over time.

A Creative’s Playground

The Blankos aren’t the only thing players can design. As well as earning rewards through premade quests, worlds and game modes, the developers Third Kind Games allow the players to get creative with their own ideas.

Players can work together with friends to create games within games. An extensive toolkit is available full of useful and elaborate tools. This game creation mode is completely code-free, allowing anyone to give it a go. But be warned, creating your own unique playable playground becomes mighty addicting - you might pop on for an hour, and lose a week.