Imperia Online

Lead your empire to prosperity and seize control of enemy territory for your own personal gain.
Given that it can take several hours for buildings to upgrade it is necessary to tier the building of your resources facilities and other buildings in a way that gives your empire a strong start. Getting a strong start on your first empire will help you secure other resources at a faster rate than those that invest in resources that are less applicable to the players long-term goals. Knowing the production amounts and production time rates are strategically important when planning the order in which you build the smaller detailed systems in you land. Serious players will benefit from a members account, which strongly tips the balance in their favor in the struggle against other competing territories. Being programmed in a structure that allows for browser play new players will find that some browsers are faster than others when involved in game-play. Desktop computers often browse much faster and using light graphics based browsers instead of text based browsers can improve the visual quality during your time inside the game activities. Imperia Online combat is models after the older game, Civilization, but only has graphics relating to the period of time known as medieval times. These were a dark time when there were many wars, the people were poor, and the battles were fought harder. This helps like minded players with similar tastes enjoy the experience of playing Imperia Online together in an online environment that they enjoy more. Don't expect to use the gunpowder based weaponry in this MMORPG; the environment timeline is designed to a civilization older than that.