Rakshasa is a free to play Anime-themed MMORPG which brings players into one of the most unusual game worlds of all time; a hidden street where people live alongside spirits and souls.

This special street is named Rakshasa Street, and only people chosen and led here by special spirit guides can find it. There is loads to discover here, both about oneself and the world around them, and there is plenty to see and do. If you’re a fan of Anime-themed games or Asian MMORPGs, read on!

Lose Yourself
The gameplay in Asian MMORPGs tends to focus on advancing your character through gear and skill upgrades and on attractive 2D graphics, and Rakshasa does deliver both. The graphics fit the anime theme of the game, and are colorful and quite well rendered.

Lots To See And Do
The gameplay in Rakshasa offers enough to do to keep fans engaged. Players can enter dungeons and fight tough bosses, face off against one another in PvP, complete daily and weekly events, and so on. There is always something new to do, whether working on clearing content or powering your character up.

Play Together
You can invite your friends to play alongside you, or you can make new ones in game. Multiplayer content, both PvP and PvE, is part of the game, and it offers solid rewards and tough challenges. Joining forces with other players is a good way to experience new content.