Raid Shadow Legends

Gather your league of champions and become a true legend!

Rich, Story-Driven Single Player Campaign

You are an ancient resurrected warrior called upon by an immortal guardian to free the subjugated world of Tereria. In the single-player campaign, you must command your party of extraordinary heroes in a quest to reclaim the realm from the Dark Lord Siroth through a series of turn-based battles. 

Amass a team of unique champions to claim victory within 12 distinct levels, each made up of 7 stages and 3 optional difficulty levels. By collecting Shards you can unlock new and unknown champions to create a lineup both formidable and distinct.

A Beautifully-Rendered Fantasy World

Stunning graphics are what truly sets this RPG apart from other mobile games, boasting a roster of over 300 champions each with their own battle animations and distinct designs. The porcine Skinwalkers, towering Orcs and fearsome Demonspawn are just a few of the available factions, each with their own eccentric list of characters. Minute details are rendered on a mobile screen alongside a fully voice-acted campaign mode that makes this game worth trying for the spectacle alone.  

Multiplayer Co-Op, PvP, and World Rankings 

Face-off against players from around the world in fierce PvP battles to earn special gear and rank up your champions to ensure future victories. Players can climb the global rankings through PvP and single-player success, and team up in cooperative challenges for more epic loot. 

Optimize your champions’ attributes and equipment to unleash devastation on your foes. Comprehensive RPG mechanics lend themselves to genre veterans who know how to get the best out of their playstyles, allowing for millions of builds through customizable skills, artifacts, and mastery paths. Play wisely to reign supreme among the millions of players already taking part.