Drakensang Online

Explore dark dungeons in Drakensang Online

Face wild creatures! Whether you are a trapper, a magically gifted wizard or a strongman with sword and shield, it's up to you.

Create your character and select from classes available: Rangers are great for attacking from a distance, Spellweavers have an explosive arsenal of fireballs and ice novas, Steam Mechanicae are skilled craftsmen, Dragonknights, on the other hand, are true melee fighters who feel right at home surrounded by hordes of monsters. Each class can be individually equipped and developed.

A world in flames

In Drakensang Online, a vast fantasy world full of threats and adventures is waiting for you. The client based game offers hard-hitting hack'n'slay action, free of charge and online. Together with thousands of other players, you'll explore Dracania’s deep forests, picturesque towns and sinister catacombs. But there's a long path for you to go with plenty of challenges until you become a real hero.

Start your journey in Grimford. You'll learn how to use weapons and magic, complete simple missions and explore mysterious areas such as smugglers' caves and bogs full of skeletons. By the time you reach the city of Kingshill, you'll have gained some experience and fought victorious battles to look back upon. To avoid being alone at some point of your journey across the freezing Northlands or Atlantis, you should team up with other players and take your trips into the wilderness as a group.

Duels and group battles

If you don't feel like fighting monsters, you can also try your luck in Drakensang Online’s PvP arena. Put your skills to the test in group or 1on1 battles. The choice is yours. The online role-playing game is packed with fast action and plenty of thrills. Just register on Drakensang Online’s website and download a tiny mini-client to join.