Get out of your daily grind and slip into your rubber boots!

Plant crops and feed animals to make your  profit - as a farmer you’ll have a lot of work in this browser-based online game!

A good farmer never lets his own farm run wild. That is also the top priority in online farm games! In Farmerama, it’s you who decides what to grow in which place and how it’s got to be done. As you level up, the range of crops will expand and moospenny will automatically find its way into your pockets. Breed and herd chickens, pigs and goats, but also species that are less common to domestic farmers, such as monkeys. Do you want it even crazier? Then try your hand at breeding rare creatures like flying pigs or propeller-eared rabbits!

Sell your products and learn trades

Sell your harvest in town or turn it into products that will make things easier on your farm. Learn new professions like floristry or baking craft and hone your skills as a craftsman. The better you are at your craft, the better your results will be. Soon you'll be a master jam maker!

South Sea life on Bahamarama

If you do it right, you'll even get to live on your own South Sea island in the end. The tropical island is the perfect place to escape the daily grind of farming for a while - there you’ll get to know a completely different side of the game. Of course, you can't just drop by the travel agency and jet off to the South Seas on the next plane. Only after you have worked enough, you have earned a trip to paradise.

Once you've made it to Bahamarama, you’ll get to know a completely new world! Here, you’ll grow tropical greenery that will never find its way onto your regular farm at home.