Blade of Kings

Become a hero without any effort!
Join Blade of Kings and become a strong hero or heroine just like that. Are you tired of always spending so much energy to level up and make progress in your game? Then the so-called idle game may be just the right thing for you. They're called ‘idle’ because a lot of things happen without your intervention. That is just how Blade of Kings is like. It is a free to play role-playing game by Esprit Games and it basically plays itself. Just let it run in the background for hours and see that you'll have made good progress when you check it the next time. It just runs on its own Blade of Kings is set in a fantasy world where you fight as a hero or heroine for your kingdom. It’s all about progression: your hero independently slashes his way through crowds of enemies collecting plenty of experience points leveling up and capturing all sorts of equipment. Thus, your warrior becomes stronger and stronger. In Blade of Kings there is always a loot By leveling up, you gain talent points to improve your character’s abilities. The further you advance in the game, the greater your challenges e.g. your boss opponents will be. On your path you'll gradually unlock new features like your very own pet to support you in battle or new classes for your characters.