In Rift, the world is being torn apart. Mysterious rifts have appeared everywhere allowing legions of unknown invaders to enter the fantasy world.

Since the last days of the Shadow War, no single entity in Telara has been safe. Terrifying rifts are tearing the world apart! They can appear anywhere bringing dangerous invaders to the fantasy universe of Telara. The magical explosion believed to have caused these disturbances in space and time has shaken the entire universe. Only a handful of brave denizens feel up to the challenge that the rifts in the universe have created in the world. Will you be one of them?

Brave Heroes Wanted!

Two factions have been formed in order to put a stop to the mysterious horrors. In the online roleplaying game Rift, you must decide which of the two groups you’ll join. The Guardians are the chosen ones of the gods of Telara. From their holy city of Sanctum, they venture into all regions of the fantasy world launching crusades against the dragons and their cults. The Defiant, on the other hand, are technology-loving individualists who do not believe in the gods of Telara and their dogma. They blame them for the disaster and take their fate into their own magic hands, despite having been banished for doing so.

Each faction has its own races, callings, and numerous classes and so your choice should be carefully considered. No matter which character in Rift you choose, you must close the rifts or the world will spiral into total destruction. No easy task, but you will quickly grow into it!

A Huge World of Adventure Awaits You

Rift features all the basic gameplay options available in any other MMORPG and more! You can create or join guilds, fight against other players, and train your craft and trade. Rift is currently tied to a paid subscription, but with Rift Lite, you have the opportunity to try the online game in a free trial version. Here, you can experience the first 20 levels of the game without paying a single dime.