Enter and explore an ever-expanding building blocks universe!

In Trove, you will find a universe made of building blocks that are constantly expanding.

The game does not simply feature a premade world, but it allows you to take matters into your own hands and build something entirely new! Lay the foundation stones of your own house and build it based on your own designs. Don’t worry about losing it once you travel to another world: no matter which world you find yourself in, your home will always be there with you. The creation process doesn’t stop here though, as you will also be wielding weapons, creating creatures, and even entire environments!

And the best part is that you can share your masterpieces with other players. You are not the only one who can admire your creations since they will also appear in the worlds of other Trove players. As you can see, this online game really does allow you to do whatever your heart desires. No matter where you go, you will marvel at creations you’ve never seen before - no two Trove worlds are the same.

Many Worlds, Many Adventures

On your adventures through the many different worlds, you will always face new challenges. Complete different quests and battle it out against every tough-looking opponent who dares to cross your path! In the angular universe of Trove, you will collect anything you can get your hands on and equip your character with all kinds of items. And the customization options don’t stop here since you can upgrade any item making it even more powerful and useful.

Little by little, you will level up and experience many more adventures. To prepare yourself for a new journey, simply switch classes and hone your character’s skills. Among others, you can play as a Boomeranger, Pirate Captain, or Candy Barbarian. With your hero, you will succeed in mastering every tricky challenge. Even in a gloomy dungeon, you can look forward to experiencing action-packed adventures.