Darkmoon Realm

Choose your class and get ready to vanquish your enemies!

Darkmoon Realm is a classic fantasy-gaming experience complete with monstrous enemies, powerful gear and the ultimate goal of becoming the most powerful hero around.

Wield immense power as a Warrior, Mage or Priest and carve your way through mobs and bosses whilst collecting loot to augment your power. As an idle-like browser game, players can easily progress through dungeons via autoplay, making it the perfect game to run in the background should you find yourself occupied by other things.

Fans of the fantasy MMO genre should feel right at home in this title available on browser and mobile, particularly for a more casual experience that doesn’t require constant attention.

Powerful Companions & Customization

Amass a powerful team of heroes to battle alongside you, unlocking extra team member slots as you progress through the game. Boost the power of your partners through Partner Merge to increase their overall stats while experimenting with match-ups to optimize their Partner Traits.

Ensure that both you and your companions are kitted-out with fully upgraded equipment to maximise your Battle Rating and rack up XP through autoplay. By earning XP players can unlock every feature and ensure consistent victories against their enemies. Extra XP can also be gained through the Daily Events, the Heroic Tower, and the Infinity Trail as well as through the many available dungeons.

Join Forces or Compete With Fellow Players

Darkmoon Realm is a highly social experience that encourages its players to join a guild as soon as possible to maximise the potential of their playthrough. At level 61, players can team up and reap rewards such as Guild Skills which will significantly bolster their overall power.

Strive to be the best of the best within individual servers by ascending the PvP ‘Ladder’ and securing your place at the top of your server’s leaderboard. By tackling dungeons and equipping your partners wisely, you can master this idle-like title without piling in hours of grinding.