Claim the power of the gods

In the real-time strategy game Tentlan you'll find yourself in a rather unusual setting for games of this category. The developers of the browser game take you to the rainforest. Individual tribes are settling here and trying to build impressive settlements. As their leader you create an individual city out of nothing. Piece by piece, you'll transform your land into a fascinating empire.

To be successful in Tentlan, you need more than just a few buildings. You do research and try to use new technologies to advance your settlement. Mathematics, agriculture, diplomacy, engineering and architecture are among the many areas you’ll take care of during your reign.

For further expansion a clever resource management is required, because you also need strong units at your side to go into battle for you. Recruit a well-assembled troop, then you can challenge other players. Or you can test the skills of your units in advance with an attack against nomad tribes.

Sun temple at the center of your empire

The Sun Temple serves as your city center. This building allows you to keep track of population growth and to find out how your corn supplies are doing. For each stage of expansion of a building, satiated inhabitants are needed to actively support you.

You should quickly look for other players and tribes with whom you can form alliances. With support at your side, you'll feel much safer in the real-time strategy game Tentlan and be prepared for further attacks.