Play Anocris and take a walk in the shoes of a Pharaoh!

Become a mighty Pharaoh in the browser game Anocris.

If you find the heyday of the Nile exciting, Anocris is just the right game for you. In the free-to-play building simulation, you will build your own ancient Egyptian city and become a powerful Pharaoh.

Your own city on the Nile

In Anocris, you get to delve into ancient Egypt’s 3,000-year-old history. On the Nile, you found your own settlement which is rather modest at first. But don’t worry, soon it will become a magnificent civilization that other cities will look up to. Turning your simple settlement into a prestigious hub for culture and progress is no easy feat. Luckily, you can count on the support of iconic Egyptian gods by hosting regular festivals in tribute of them. Ra, Horus, and co. will show their gratitude by granting you powers that help develop your city even faster.  

Recruit a mighty army in Anocris

Things aren’t always peaceful in ancient Egypt! The same holds true for the online game Anocris, where you don’t only focus on peacefully building a prosperous city. Nomads and other players can become a significant danger to you and your people. Make sure to build a powerful army that can defend your city in times of war. Anocris features various troops from the era of Ramses II. You will also have to discover and research new technologies in order to build more advanced buildings.

Join forces with other pharaohs

If you want to make a real difference in Anocris, it is a good idea to join a tribe. Tribes in this free-to-play browser game allow you to team up with other players. Cooperating with other Pharaohs is a smart way to bring more prosperity to your city. You can also assemble members of your tribe to battle it out against other players.