Stormfall: Age of War

Assemble knights and dragons to defend your great kingdom!
Stormfall is a strategy MMO developed by Plarium.

The lands of Darkshine are in turmoil. The great empire of Stormfall is falling apart due to the incessant wars between rival lords. The people demand a hero, capable of unifying the kingdom and eliminating the growing threat of an ancient evil force.

The beginning

Lord Oberon has personally chosen you to control a castle and expand your lands. In order to do so, you will have to unravel the mysteries of the Lost Arts and gather a powerful military force. You'll also need to learn to master your strategic, diplomatic, logistical and tactical skills while forging strong alliances and battling terrible warlords. You play as a noble lord of Stormfall, plunged into chaos after years of war and misery. Your task is to develop your castle into an impregnable fortress. Your first and foremost duty is to ensure the safety of yourself and your subjects. Enemies will regularly launch attacks and only your military force will be able to defeat your rivals. Your castle is your command center, but also a source of power and raw materials. It is here that all your political and tactical decisions will be made. As your domain grows, you will be able to improve, develop, and customize your castle. Your choices will affect the effectiveness of your units on the battlefield.

The Lost Arts

Long ago, when Stormfall was a land of peace and wisdom, the scribes and mages mastered and cataloged many magical powers. These rites unfortunately disappeared or were forgotten when the continent fell into decadence. Searching for these magical talents can give you a distinct advantage in the management of your kingdom. Some powers allow you to create new buildings for your fortress and even train new recruits faster. The most powerful magic will allow you to summon mythological creatures and war machines in battle. To use these arts, you will need to find ancient scrolls to reveal their knowledge. Each day, your scribe will decipher one scroll. You can trade your scrolls with other lords in your Marketplace or in your Scroll House. The Lost Arts can be upgraded with experience to multiply the capabilities of the different units and buildings created.

Rest before battle

The control of your resources (iron, gold, and food) is crucial to victory. As you begin your adventure, consider developing farms, villages, and mines to supply your armies. It is possible to trade with neighboring lords. Take advantage of the diversity of resource production in other kingdoms. Production buildings can be upgraded. Build a smithy and dungeons to gain access to more goods and warehouses to store your gold and iron. Food can be stored in barns. Properly control the production and consumption of food or your soldiers will desert. You can use the "Source of Life" skill to increase the production of your farms. A prudent lord will not only rely on his kingdom's production but will also besiege enemy cities to gain access to new resources. You can also take a more diplomatic approach by exchanging resources with your allies and friends.

Strategy comes first 

With the right strategy, nothing can stop you. Join one of the big leagues of Stormfall or create your own clan to establish your military posts. Plan your strategies in cooperation with the other lords of your league to crush Balur's hordes, defeat enemy leagues, and unlock special rewards. The game includes many mechanics of relations between kingdoms: trade, diplomacy, espionage, cooperation, betrayal, ... What will be your strategy?