Prove your skills as you design and build a city for your people!
Elvenar is a free to play browser game.

Set in a fantasy world filled with elves and humans your goal is to build a vast city. You can choose to either play as an elf or a human, and build your city based on that choice. Each race has their own design for the buildings that will populate your city, the elves containing buildings that focus on aesthetics and nature, while the humans are more focused on engineering and traditional medieval architecture.

The most important aspect of Elvenar is the city. Each house that you build can be upgraded to allow for more space and residents that can live in your city. The workshops and manufactories you will build can also be upgraded, allowing the buildings to unlock better methods of creating building materials to help you grow your city.

There is more to Elvenar than just the city you will be building. The game boasts a large world map that you can explore using scouts. By exploring the areas surrounding your city you can find relics, which will increase the production of certain goods in your city. The relics can be obtained through various ways, like trading with province owners or fighting with monsters over the relics.

In terms of fight mechanics, the elves have their archers and sorceresses and sword dancers, while the humans have their own versions of the same thing as priests, crossbowmen, and ax barbarians. Each race also has fighting companions that are of a different species, like the hellhound for humans and the golem and the ent for the elves. There are also neighbors in Elvenar, allowing you to visit the cities of other players and look around to how other people have been building and growing their cities.