Perfect Fantasy

Gather your team and revel in the breathtaking anime world!

Perfect Fantasy is a vibrant idle game perfect for those who wish to embark on a fantastical quest without piling in all the usual hours of grinding and looting. Complete with all the hordes of beasts, powerful spells, and weaponry that define the genre, Perfect Fantasy will scratch the itch for a magical adventure without demanding hours of your time.

Navigate a beautifully drawn anime world beset by the evils of a powerful sorcerer who wields a mighty but terrible power capable of ending life and bringing darkness upon the land. With the help of your plucky group of fellow heroes you can face off against his minions and conquer this new evil.

Compelling Battles

Keep your wits about you as you are hounded by the fearsome creatures under the sorcerer’s influence. Employ your most devastating skills and spells to subdue your enemies and level up. Encounter ever-more fearsome bosses as you cut through the hordes of underlings, but ensure that you are prepared to take them on. 

Various trials await you as you mould your hero into the ultimate warrior, with opportunities to loot up and level up through different game modes. Auto-play will run the game while you can occupy yourself with other things, allowing you to grind and loot your way to becoming the ultimate team of heroes.

Charismatic Companions

Gather up a charismatic team of powerful heroes and strengthen your bonds through cutscenes and interactions as you help each other take down the evil forces that pervade the land. Compelling exchanges help to drive the story forward with a beautifully rendered anime artstyle.

With your noble team of warriors and wizards, you can combine your skills to secure victory in the coming battles.  Ensure you’re fully kitted out with the best gear to maximise your power and take in the dynamic scenes as the autoplay function takes the reins.